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one of our core values
One of our Bengali weavers, ELG, and her family has been blessed from you purchasing her baskets. 
L.G. Sarkar is a mother of two from Western Bangladesh. She is seen here with her son John, her daughter Urnika and her husband Barnabas. While both of her children are in school, it has been a constant struggle to pay school fees. In fact, at times, poverty has forced Elg to turn to prostitution to ensure her children's education. Your purchase of a Blessing Basket® changes all that. Read more stories

The Blessing Basket Project

Our Mission

The Blessing Basket Project® reduces poverty in developing countries by using our unique Prosperity Wages® model to pay for artisan products. This exclusive patent pending financial model creates a cycle of entrepreneur driven growth resulting in permanent financial independence for the artisan.

The Blessing Basket Project® is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that believes the rural poor in developing countries are quite capable of pulling themselves out of poverty. We use a financial model which  we have been perfecting for more than a decade. Our exclusive model allows artisans to earn significantly higher than fair trade wages for their products for a given period of time. The artisan is free to steward that money however they wish. Most often they use the capital to create multiple small businesses.  Those entrepreneurial endeavors result in several independent streams of income creating sustainable financial independence from our organization. 
We generate the Prosperity Wages® by selling their artisan products to people like you.  
Members of government from around the world are looking at the successful history of our model and are working on ways to apply it on an even  larger scale.

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The Prosperity Wages® Model

With every basket purchased, our Prosperity Wages® model is being used to pay our artisans. This portion of the profit is significantly higher than fair trade wages, in some countries reaching more than six times fair trade.

The Blessing Basket Prosperity Wages® model enables the artisan to quickly earn sufficient capital which they then use to start entrepreneurial activities.  Their entrepreneurial endeavors result in multiple, sustainable streams of income independent of The Blessing Basket Project. Through our unique approach we have learned once an artisan creates 3 independent streams of income and those incomes are allowed to grow for a certain period of time, they no longer need our help and have permanently lifted themselves out of poverty.  The Blessing Basket Project is the only organization in the world using a Prosperity Wages model and after more than a decade of work we can confidently say the model works and it works decisively.  Every Blessing Basket product you buy enables us to sustainably end poverty one entrepreneur at a time.


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